Camino Real Landfill


The Camino Real Landfill (CRLF) is an existing solid waste facility operating in compliance with its current permits and the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Solid Waste Rules. Camino Real Environmental Center, Inc. (CREC) is seeking a permit modification for the CRLF to modify the existing permitted landfill configuration and to renew the current permit.

Landfill Permit Modification

The overall concept of the landfill modification is to optimize the use of the planned footprint without significantly changing the visible configuration of the site to surrounding communities. The permit renewal will allow the continuous operation of the community resource.

Key site changes listed below.

  • Reduce the size of Unit 3 (area nearest communities by 17.2 acres).
  • Landfill area will be over 1,000 feet farther away from communities located north of the facility, more than the length of a football field.
  • Details for the previously designated “planned Unit 4 area” are provided.
  • An innovative turf final cover system will be placed on the north slope as areas of the landfill are brought to final grade.
  • Detailed water management improvement engineering in the eastern portion of the site.
Permitted Landfill Completion Plan

Planned Landfill Completion Plan

Proposed Landfill Completion Plan

Proposed Landfill Completion Plan

Landfill Configuration Comparison

Item Existing Proposed
Property Boundary 480.0 Acres 480.0 Acres
Landfill Disposal Area Permitted Unit 1 – 50 Acres
Permitted Unit 2 – 126 Acres
Permitted Unit 3 – 83 Acres
Permitted Unit 4 – 74 Acres
Total – 333 Acres
Unit 1 – 50 Acres
Unit 2 – 124.2 Acres
Unit 3 – 60.5 Acres
Unit 4 – 73 Acres
Total – 307.7 Acres
Peak Elevation 4,232 FT-MSL 4,232 FT-MSL

Permit Renewal

The current solid waste operating permits do not expire until July 2028. However, this application includes a request to renew the solid waste operating permit for an additional 20 years beyond this approval by NMED since the permit process requirements are the same for the requested permit modification.

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